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Shades: Having a brand like Ray-Prohibit? that’s been around for more than 70 years, how can you keep your product intriguing and desirable for users who’re both youthful and old? How can you ensure that it stays relevant today?

PIERRE FAY: Ray-Prohibit has lengthy been a manifestation of person style and it is the entire sense of the trademark that causes it to be as attractive today because it was 70 years back. This is an legendary, authentic, global brand that creates fashion from the user and provides extensive history. Ray-Prohibit is another brand that’s noted for its styles, that are timeless. Whenever you consider the Aviator, the Wayfarer, and also the Clubmaster, they’re unique, they’re fashionable, and they’re classic. Top quality is essential, too. However I think why is the company so strong may be the mixture of style and functionality. Ray-Prohibit works the purpose of shades in an effective way which explains why it is a very desirable brand to any or all age ranges.

I additionally think where Ray-Prohibit includes a unique attribute is that it is the real factor. Whenever you think about shades, you think about Ray-Restrictions. Therefore it is not really a brand that you simply import in to the sunglass category, just like a designer title. It is a brand that’s the particular product that you’ll require, therefore it causes it to be a really personal, functional experience. Ray-Prohibit is something that comes with an incredible capacity to visit across segments and have the ability to react to the necessity of every consumer segment: old, youthful, male, female, and lots of other segments.

It is also a brandname that’s constantly presenting new initiatives like the new Ray-Prohibit e-commerce addition-ray-prohibit.com that people just released-and it is quite a cutting-edge method of doing it having a virtual try-which is extremely personalized. We’re using the essence of the trademark, which is about the expression of person style. So virtual try-on on the internet is a method to reinforce that a lot. Another illustration of innovation recently may be the new introduction of Ray-Prohibit Tech, that is a remarkably lightweight and sturdy collection that utilizes new materials.

SG: That which was the process behind establishing the e-commerce site with Ray-Prohibit at this time? Clearly there’s enormous distribution.

PF: Yes, Ray-Prohibit has enormous distribution, but it is an all natural evolution of the trademark to supply quick access of the trademark to anybody. Despite the fact that there exists a wide distribution, you will find still some places that accessibility brand isn’t as simple as it might be, therefore the e-commerce activity will address this. It is also how a customers are moving. They are doing increasingly more activity online, and e-commerce activity can also be enhancing the brick-and-mortar shops. It’s e-commerce, however they might wish to go purchase the product in a brick-and-mortar store because they would like to touch and feel. It will reinforce the truth that the merchandise can be obtained. It shows the entire extent from the line including all of the colors. It offers an interactive knowledge about the company for that consumer in a good way that may drive business from the web. Oftentimes this really is getting clients more often in to the brick-and-mortars. E-commerce can be a natural extension of the trademark today in addition to a natural movement of the items someone really wants to do. It had been very logical to get it done today also it was very logical to get it done within the U.S., in which the brand was created in 1937, and that is in which the greatest marketplace for the company is still. We have a very strong dealer locator on the internet site which has been created very obvious and visual. This is an overall technique for the company.

SG: What’s your look at the internet purchase of Ray-Prohibit through other suppliers, for example, like a few of these other online merchants?

PF: Once we allow us our very own e-commerce solution, we have developed an online car dealership agreement and, as lengthy because the Inter-internet sites respect the company standards and represent the company in the manner it really wants to be symbolized, we’ll partner with third-party Internet sites.

SG: So how exactly does Ray-Ban’s new Virtual Mirror try-on system work?

PF: The Virtual Mirror try-on system was created with a third-party company known as Fitting Box. It is a 3-D video technology that actually works together with your Cam. You’ve got a video feed of yourself on the internet page along with a frame is superimposed around the image, providing you with the opportunity to turn your mind and also the frame in your face from various angles. We’ve got the technology recognizes a particular point in your face and superimposes the three-D representation picture of the frame, and provides an actual representation individuals putting on the frame from various angles. It is a very personal expertise.

SG: Returning towards the whole concept of being interactive together with your clients, so how exactly does the Ray-Prohibit Colorized tent and confession booth work?

PF: The tent and booth are members of our consumer activation efforts. We’ve them in consumer occasions like the Sundance Film Festival, South by Southwest, and that we also been with them in an event at Chelsea Piers much less sometime ago. Essentially, we get into consumer occasions and supply the customer having the ability to communicate with the company.

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